Jennifer Sanford, LMFT

Relationship & Transformational Counseling

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         I work with many different issues that arise within couples, however I have particular expertise in:

  • Introducing ways for couples to reconnect and rejuvenate their relationship
  • Finding ways for couples to discover and grow intimacy
  • Improving couples' communication
  • Same-sex and single parent families
  • Infertility issues
  • Parenting
  • Divorce, separation, co-parenting and/or blended families



Mark Twain wrote that, “Marriage is an example of triumph of faith over experience.”

Couples often turn to therapy as a way of finding new answers and a road map for improving an emotionally distressed relationship. The person who was once their primary comforter and supporter, caretaker and ally has become unavailable or, worse, the main object of negativity. The couple can no longer relate to each other and may manifest this dysfunction through blame, withdrawal, criticism or other non-productive actions.Keys to nourishing a healthy relationship are friendship, admiration and sharing emotions.

Couple’s therapy should ideally be designed to help individuals explore and become aware of new opportunities for how they organize themselves in relation to each other. I have found that working experientially allows my clients to do this viscerally. A primary function of therapy is to rebuild the couples’ friendship within the relationship, which will, in turn, result in positive affect in the relationship. A fundamental key to friendship is becoming aware of each others world.